Minecraft Server

One of the villagers photobombed my sunset selfie.

Server Address: mc.jameshatton.co.uk Server Port: 25567 Version: (asof 23/06/22)

I run a small community Minecraft server (Bedrock edition). If you decide to join, you will appear in a spawn jail and will need a player that’s on to let you out. If nobody is on, message me. Use the button above your head to get a welcome guide to read before someone lets you out.

The spawn jail, with the island museum behind.

I have a chat client app that keeps a connection alive so if you see me, RetroJimmyX, on there and I don’t respond, I’m not being rude, just afk. Here’s a map of the island.

As bedrock edition is cross-play, you can connect from Windows, mobiles and consoles. To connect from the Xbox, you’ll need to make use of the BedrockConnect project and there’s a neat tutorial video. I have to commend the project – brilliant for opening up the Xbox to be able to play on more that Mojang/MS’ limited list of ‘featured servers’.

Finally, I abandoned my last iteration of a personal survival world mid-2021 but it’s here to download and explore. (makeuseof.com has this guide to installing downloaded maps.)