Wildlife Cam

I’m running a hedgehog wildlife cam over the colder months in the UK and then a nest box / bird feeding cam in the Spring; using an Edimax PTZ (7000-PTn) via OBS Studio using Twitch as an intermediary.

Hedgehogs numbers are in massive decline in the UK so if you enjoy these adorable creatures, please consider a donation to Chesterfield Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation. (If you like birds, please consider making your cat wear a bell.) I made the hedgehog house in 2021.

Future Developments

  • Build a hedgehog house but not sure if I’ll put a camera in there for when they hibernate; not because of privacy concerns but they’ll pack it out with bedding so not sure if they’ll be to see to be honest. Done
  • Utilise a Raspberry Pi 3B, noir camera board and ffmpeg to stream
  • Dedicate a Twitch account to this (not the one I created for streaming games as I’m sure nobody wants to see me running around with an assault rifle in COD when they were expecting cute little hedgehogs.) Done.
  • I will provide either a Twitter or RSS feed to notify when activity is detected (either via motion in the video or a PIR sensor).
  • I’ll consider any features requested in the comments ๐Ÿ˜‰