The Fish and Mindsets

When I was twelve in secondary school, we had to draw fish in art class. I remember starting to draw the fish (below) and the art teacher, Mrs Johnson, got angry with me. “Do you call that a fish!” she shouted (she was quite a shouty teacher) and then held my pencil drawing up to the rest of the class and said “James Hatton thinks this is a fish – it looks nothing like a fish.”

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Open University Coat of Arms

Degree Completed

After three months since my submission, to conclude a nine month IT project and final module, the long-awaited final module results came through. The results not only complete a module but also, conclude four years of study toward an undergraduate degree. The mark on the final assignment would determine the final module result which, in turn, determines the classification of degree awarded to me – upper second class (2:1) or first class.

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