Resurrecting Ducal, by stain

Back in 2019, I needed a new bed. My requirements – cheap, simple, sturdy, solid wood and untreated: Research led me to the Heavy Duty bed frame from strictly beds. The untreated part was because I didn’t know what bedside tables I wanted at the time so I planned to treat the bed to match the bedside tables.

I’d got a lovely dining table and chairs set off eBay that my Dad informed me was Ducal. It turns out Ducal used to be a well-known furniture producer in the UK, specifically pine but closed just under a couple of decades ago. I like Ducal furniture. Anyway, long story short, one of the Ducal chairs sits in the bedroom and I acquired a matching pair of excellent condition Ducal bedside tables from a charity shop. There were two obstacles now, I would have to somehow acquire Ducal stain and I’d never stained wood before.

Incredibly, there is a shop in Chesterfield, Finney’s Wood Finishes, that my Dad told me about. I took a drawer down and instantly they knew what stain I should use: They produce a stain they call Antique Pine, which is a perfect match for Ducal’s Victoria pine range of furniture. I got the smallest amount (500ml) for £14 and gave the bed a couple of coats (after several YouTube videos on how to stain wood). I also finished it with yacht varnish – a crucial recommendation to use an oil-based varnish as the stain is water-based.

I think it turned out well, a perfect match, for the bedside tables, which I think nicely lessens the contrast between the ornate finely made Ducal cabinets and the utilitarian rough chunky bed frame. (Feel free to disagree)…

Pine bed stained with ‘Antique Pine’ from Finney’s Wood Finishes

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