Grindleford Hike

I’d heard of Grindleford 20 years ago. I just gone through the turnstyles at Chesterfield’s old football ground at Saltergate. The Police were randomly picking people out of the queue and asking them questions. I got picked out. “Weren’t you the one who did the off license robbery in Grindleford?” inquired the officer. “No that wasn’t me. Someone else.” I replied. “What’s your name?” he continued so I gave him my name and walked on. Then I realised the whole thing had been a ruse to get my name. Suffice to say I was on best behaviour that game. I’d always been interested in this mysterious place called Grindleford – I imagined it to have a heavily fortified off-license. It’s nice to follow a walk that I haven’t planned for a change! Just to go along an enjoy a walk. I was helping the year 9s with a practice hike for their D of E Bronze. The walk followed the River Derwent and then back along the escarpment (Baslow, Curbar, Froggatt Edge – respectively). It’s a beautiful place. I think this was the first time some of the children had actually been walking and a couple of us hung back[…]

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Open University Coat of Arms

Degree Completed

After three months since my submission, to conclude a nine month IT project and final module, the long-awaited final module results came through. The results not only complete a module but also, conclude four years of study toward an undergraduate degree. The mark on the final assignment would determine the final module result which, in turn, determines the classification of degree awarded to me – upper second class (2:1) or first class.

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