About this Site

As of writing (Dec ’19), I’m transferring consolidating content from different sources into one site as well as adding new content.


I seem to have amassed a digital collection of stuff. It isn’t deliberate, I just keep a journal (easier digitally) and I take lots of photos and videos. The site is that stuff which I don’t mind sharing basically. There’s no particular overall theme to the site. There are some formal and informal articles on a range of topics that I’ve tried to group meaningfully. I don’t claim to be an authority (nor even original) in my thoughts. Nietzsche said “It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!” – a blog helps.

Content Organisation

There are some static pages on this site, which are essentially not relevant to a specific time – nor do they regularly change. This page is a static page.

The majority of content, referred to as posts, are grouped into categories (STEM, Human, Education, Creative and Misc). Posts are also tagged to more specific topics.


in the face of ideas that contradict one’s own, a choice can be made: Endure a period of dissonance and evaluate your own ideas in light of different information or, defend one’s own ideas and claim ‘offence’ has been taken. I intend no offence to be taken by this site’s content. If, however, you feel that any content is inappropriate, defamatory or offensive, please let me know. I’m not going to get drawn into the latest political correctness fad (like the ridiculous cultural appropriation claims) – just leave this site.


I will try to protect other people’s ‘dignity’ so on a practical level, that starts with privacy. I write posts and often delay publication and I pseudonymise names where appropriate. If, of course, you feel that your privacy (or someone else’s) is breached, then please let me know.


The site is built using the WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress is open source, it’s free, offers developer-contributed extensions, is self-hosted; and does not require too much technical knowledge. The current theme used is Poseidon.

Intellectual Property

The sites content is my own creation, including media – unless otherwise stated. I try to attribute content where possible. Any of my content can be re-used for personal or educational uses for free without attribution. If content is intended to be used for commercial purposes, you need to contact me. If you think I have breached intellectual property rights, please let me know.

See page 2 for a list of the 100 latest posts on this site from all categories.