About Me


At the time of writing, I’m 38 years of age and I live in Derbyshire. I lived in the West Midlands and Surrey for a couple of decades before returning to my birth town and undertaking teacher training (PGCE and NQT year). I have not yet fully ‘acclimatised’ to living in the North. I’ve had a broad career and worked in ICT for the last decade. I have a professional and personal interest in technology and information systems but I do have a wide range of hobbies and interests.


I live in my birth town of Chesterfield in Derbyshire. I was about to write ‘Chesterfield is famous for…’ but Chesterfield is not famous (but prominent enough for most people to recognise the name). Chesterfield has a church nicknamed the ‘Crooked Spire’.

Chesterfield has it’s fair share of poverty. It’s not something had much exposure to when I grew up here. Most of the poverty seems to be located in the surrounding villages, which have not properly recovered after losing incomes from mining a few decades ago. Chesterfield is one of the worst areas in the UK for social mobility.

About This Site

This blog (part of jameshatton.co.uk) is a place where I maintain a journal online. Some of the projects I engage with are documented here.