Grindleford Hike

I’d heard of Grindleford 20 years ago. I just gone through the turnstyles at Chesterfield’s old football ground at Saltergate. The Police were randomly picking people out of the queue and asking them questions. I got picked out. “Weren’t you the one who did the off license robbery in Grindleford?” inquired the officer. “No that wasn’t me. Someone else.” I replied. “What’s your name?” he continued so I gave him my name and walked on. Then I realised the whole thing had been a ruse to get my name. Suffice to say I was on best behaviour that game. I’d always been interested in this mysterious place called Grindleford – I imagined it to have a heavily fortified off-license.

It’s nice to follow a walk that I haven’t planned for a change! Just to go along an enjoy a walk. I was helping the year 9s with a practice hike for their D of E Bronze. The walk followed the River Derwent and then back along the escarpment (Baslow, Curbar, Froggatt Edge – respectively). It’s a beautiful place. I think this was the first time some of the children had actually been walking and a couple of us hung back to encourage some pupils up the hills. It’s a lovely area and a lovely walk – highly recommend.

Download file: 2018-10-20 155505.gpx

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